What is art journaling, you ask? This is the quest to uncovering the hidden meaning behind the works of art. Though there are no rules, there really is a point, and you can even make a goal for yourself as an artist. As of now, though, have personally found this interesting concept, and may also help you or me!

What is art journaling if not collecting your notes from your art supplies and expressing them in a journal? No, that’s where the “art supply” part comes in. It is journaling by capturing your emotions as you use your art supplies to create a work of art.

If you are someone who is into writing or even the creative arts in general, then you would most likely already be familiar with this concept. When you think of therapy, do you picture a therapist sitting in a chair with a bunch of pages in front of him, offering his suggestions as he manipulates the pages to alter his expression? Or do you think of the calm, peaceful images you see in magazines and art galleries that depict beautiful landscapes, seascapes, portraits and other artistic expressions? These are all examples of expressive art therapy – taking time to simply observe your emotions through the use of your art supplies. This is often referred to as “art therapy” or “creative art therapy.”

The same thing can be done for your own emotions and thoughts. Why not start a journal of your own and start recording your daily feelings and ideas as you use your art supplies to express yourself? You can even turn your sketchbook into your very own journal! This is one of the easiest ways to create expressive art therapy using your own creative art supplies, such as a sketchbook or journal.

The main purpose of an art journal is to keep your artistic self-expression simple. Journaling is one of the easiest ways to keep a diary of your inner thoughts and feelings, since it is more private and holds information that can help you grow as an artist. It also serves as a creative outlet for your creative side, since the sketches you make will serve as your means of venting out your feelings and ideas. So, if you feel stuck with a certain aspect of your art or if you want to hone your artistic skills, then journaling is the perfect way to do this. After all, feelings and thoughts are what make art, right?

One great example of how an art journal can help you express yourself is when you are drawing something like a portrait, it should look like a portrait that you have never seen before or drawn yourself. This helps you to reflect on the person you are drawing and really get to know who you are. When you are drawing something that looks like a loved one, you should try to capture the aspect of that person that is most important to you, or one of the most meaningful things about them. If you are drawing a happy memory of a vacation you took with your family, then it should look like that time in your life, since it is something that you cherish and would love to see again someday.

Another great thing about art journaling is that it can be a great place for creative inspiration. When you are feeling down or frustrated about something that is going wrong in your creative process, you can look back over your shoulder and remind yourself how much you’ve learned in the past few weeks or months. Sometimes, all it takes is just a small amount of reflection to get started again on a more positive note. So, if you find yourself in the midst of a big slump, why not just take a look back over your shoulder and remind yourself that even the worst thing that could ever happen to you never happened? This can really be an empowering experience. It gives you a break from all the negative thoughts and lets you start looking at your art work in a more positive way.

Finally, there are some basic art supplies that you need to get started with your own creative process. A fine tip is to bring along a notebook or recorder so that you can keep track of everything you do. You can also try to keep a notepad and pen so that you can take notes during your process. Some other basic art supplies include paints, brushes, sketch pad, water paints, collages, stickers, and even a couple of basic, digital art supplies such as sketchbooks and vinyl stickers. These basic art supplies should be easy to find and make it easier for you to take creative ideas and turn them into real artworks. With these basic art supplies, you will be well on your way to what is art journaling and more!

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