You’ve given every reason to your friends for writing down their ideas for junk books, craft projects, scrapbooks and other projects for their creative juices flowing. They show off their ideas for making scrapbooks to their friends. But as they say, what good will all that activity do if you don’t have an ideas for junk books or notebooks to put all those thoughts and ideas in? Don’t let those sweet dreams and memories go unexplored, take some creative steps towards turning them into a scrapbook, a photo album, or maybe even a novel. Here are the tips for creativity in scrapbooking or notebook writing.

The unbound journals of today – a combination of bound papers, lined board and shredded paper-are a great way to capture your thoughts on a page. These junk journals also have a cover and back cover. The pages in the journal are at either end. Sometimes the whole thing is bound together with twine, ribbon or tissue.

If you would like to turn your ideas for a scrapbook, notebook, or journal into one signature, then you should use heavy copy paper or heavy card stock paper with a one-sided laminated envelopes. The envelopes you will use for the Junk Journal should be labeled with a design or symbol of one of your interests. You can choose something as simple as a heart or flower with a tag line of initials or something more complex like a baseball, a plane, a robot, or some other weird or funny symbol.

The one-sided envelopes can be labeled with a colored, oval or landscape design on one side and a simple one-line journal on the reverse side. There are also wallets that double as pages for your scrapbooks, notebooks or ecards. There are also wallets that have one door and two pockets and these are great for ideas for junk journals. There are many more ideas such as these.

If you would like to use heavy card stock or folded paper, then you can do this also. For a YouTube Junk Journal, you would need a one-sided printed on heavy card stock and cut it in half. You would then paste or glue one of your pictures or videos into one corner of the card stock. Then you would paste the other half of the card stock on top of your picture or video. There are many more ideas for YouTube Junk Journeys.

You can also make some fun and unique scrapbooking gift tags by using one or more of your favorite pictures or videos. You can glue the two together using glue sticks, permanent pens or markers, or your favorite glue. You can print your own labels for the envelopes or you can purchase labels on ebay. The possibilities are endless with scrapbooking ideas for junk journal covers.

You may also use a lot of old CDs and DVDs and turn them into your very own scrapbook. To do this, simply remove the shrink wrap from the CDs or DVDs and lay them flat on a clean table or surface. You would then roll the envelopes out, glue each one down with a magnet and then tape them back together. There are so many ways to make your own CD holders or DVD covers. This is actually an easier process than you think. You don’t even need to purchase new materials.

Other ideas for scrapbooking journaling are also found in the many ways that you use rubber bands. You can create wonderful rubber band art using baby bottles, bibs, diapers, teething rings, pacifiers, stuffed animals, stuffed cars, and any other item you can find to use as a label. You can create funny, creative or simply sentimental tags using these products. All you will need is an envelope, glue, some pretty ribbon or a tape measure. You can sew the label to the envelope or just glue it to the envelope in any creative way that you like. This is a great way to recycle items and save money at the same time.

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