Ideas Galore: Bullet Journaling

There are many bullet journaling ideas (either a theme or group of related ideas organized together for a more focused bullet journal). This actually really comes down to determining what you want to put into the journal, but also depends on what your own individual style and personal needs are. Some people like the tracker element (bullet journal with tracking) and others don’t. The main thing to keep in mind here is that it doesn’t matter which type of bullet journaling you elect to do-whether bullet journaling ideas or just paper journaling-as long as you do it.

Some bullet notebooks come with the tracker already included, while others come with this as a built-in feature. Either way, the purpose remains the same-keeping track of your habits. However, bullet notebooks are not always the best choice. Some tend to be more cramped than the standard pen-and-paper variety, making it hard to write in some sections and even impossible to do so in some. Others have little compartments for notes, but only a few spaces for bullet notes-making the task of keeping track of a lot of small things very difficult.

When it comes to choosing between bullet journaling and monthly planner programs, the answer largely depends on your preferences. Bullet notebooks are much easier to write in, and the paper is more compact. You can purchase several different types of bullet trackers, and some have cute little compartments that allow you to store your pens, papers, and various other small items. For some, this is all that’s needed; for others, it’s necessary to have extra space for everything.

Some self-care planners are better suited to this lifestyle. Instead of being a mere tracking device, these types of programs offer a little more in the way of features. For example, some of them come with a calendar, calculator, and photo organizer. Other products are complete with a calendar and day planner, as well as an organizer for meditation and relaxation rituals.

Self-help” planner” style products also exist, though they’re often geared toward people who prefer a physical notebook to a digital one. These can be purchased as single layout trackers or as modules that integrate with one another. In the former case, the buyer simply purchases the components individually and connects them into a finished product. The latter, where several separate modules are involved, requires that the purchaser buy them all.

One popular option for keeping track of one’s ideas is a combination planner/digital diary hybrid. These products often combine the traditional functions of a notebook and a planner, with the convenience and comfort of a digital screen. They come in a variety of styles, and many come with special features. For example, some allow the user to view their ideas in portrait mode, so that the size of the page can be altered to better fit the needs of the writer. Other features include sectional visibility, which allows you to see all of your ideas in one, even if you’re writing in different parts of the page.

If you want a more “traditional” approach to keeping track of your ideas, there are also traditional bullet journal products available. These types of programs allow the user to enter notes and sketches directly onto the page. In addition to being able to see your notes on the page, you can also print them out if you want to take them with you on the go. Bullet journaling programs like these often come with special templates that make it easy to come up with pages quickly and easily. Some even allow you to save and name multiple pages, so that you have an idea of how much space you have to write in.

No matter what type of bullet journaling system you prefer, it’s important to remember that you need to set aside time for keeping a journal. Whether you choose the traditional layout or a more contemporary method, the most important thing to remember is that you should always write things down no matter where you are or what you’re doing. You never know when an idea will pop into your head, and the earlier you write it down, the better.

Why Writers Love Journaling Outdoors With The Dogs

Writers are bored when they are inside with no inspiration to get their journals. It would be better to go to the great outdoors with the dogs. Don’t forget to treat your dog when that happens so that the dog would also enjoy the trip. It can be a doggy treat full of meat and vegetables or simply a doggy toy that the dog would love to play with. In fact, doggy bones are things that the dog would like to chew on and take to another place. When you feel great about the bonding you have with your pet, you will be able to think about things to write about. When that happens, it won’t be long before you will write about so many things. For writers, content is always key. You can write about so much stuff then proofread your work at a later date. Writers like looking at the things around them to have more reasons to write. It is like going to a place where nobody else is there and you will want to know what you can write about. Clearly, you will want your head to be clear in order to remember what it is you want to write about. It can be about science fiction or things that happened in the past. You won’t remember those things if you are at home and distracted. When you go to the park with your dog and breathe that fresh air, it would be a whole new different story.

Dogs would give writers a reason to write about. When the writer loves his dog, it would give him a great reason to go outdoors other than just to journal about stuff. It can be a nice bonding session with your dog and there is a chance it would prevent the writer from getting writer’s block. We know how writers experience that and it usually happens when you are stuck at home. When you have a lot of things to look at along with an enjoyable companion, that will hardly happen. You will actually be more productive when you are with your pet enjoying the nice outdoors. Don’t forget to put your dog on a leash until you know that it is safe for the dog to not be on a leash anymore. It would feel great for writers to know that their dog is really enjoying themselves. It would even be nice to take time off and play catch with the dog at a time when you think it would be best to take a break. Don’t forget to bring some doggy snacks as a form of a reward for the dog to going with you on the trip. We all know how you just forced the dog to go with you but you know it would be best for both of you so better give the dog something so that the pet did not regret going with you wherever it is you decide to go to.

How Dogs Can Be A Great Inspiration For Writers

Writers give us so many worthy pieces of writings. But have you thought that from where they get their inspiration for writing? Many writers have pet dogs. They learn so many things from their pet dogs. If you see them, you can find many well-known authors are there who love their dogs. You may not know that they can also share their fondness for their dogs and described their dogs as their source of inspiration.

Writers can learn so many things from a dog. Dogs can allow us to set free our all emotions. So, a writer needs a dog to set free their emotions and jot down all of it in the form of writing. You may hear that Virginia Wolf has a spaniel dog named Pinka.


A dog is a big responsibility. Having a dog can make a person responsible. Apart from this, a dog can also show us so many good qualities that we cannot find in a human. Dogs can teach us loyalty, wisdom, and care. If you are a writer then, you can also get a pet dog. But first, you will have to make sure you’re prepared for that. Dogs are a responsibility. So, you cannot take them for granted. But one thing is right that a dog can feed your creative thought and help you to deliver some good pieces of writings.


A writer needs a dog for continuing their learning process. There are always some kinds of new things that you may learn from them. Many writers complain that they need to struggle to set up plots in their stories. Dogs are for them. They help them to set free emotions and invest well in their writings.


Many writers need to deal with the deadline and they will have to deliver their creative work within time. So, for that, many of them are pressurized with stress and feeling low. But if they have a dog in their house then, they will cheer up easily and concentrate on their work as well. A gloomy and tense writer cannot deliver a good piece of writing. So, they need to be charged up. Dogs can be their inspiration.

There are so many famous and well-known writers who have had pet dogs and also got inspiration from them. So, here are some electrified bonds between well-known writers and their pet dogs:

  • Stephen King and Marlowe
  • Laura Caldwell and Shafer
  • Agatha Christie and Peter

There are so many names apart from these. So, as you can see, a dog is a real friend of a writer. A dog can take a human through high and low emotions. They teach us unconditional love and care and also teach us the power of forgiveness. So, a dog can make a writer emotionally strong. The writer can write and express well. They can give us a worthy piece of writing after getting their inspiration from their pet dogs.

How Aspiring Authors Can Get Started In Their Career

So you want to be an author. It’s not going to be easy. The road that you’re going to take is full of obstacles. But if you really want to succeed, then for sure you’ll be able to overcome all hindrances. Here are some useful tips for aspiring authors who want to get started in their careers.

Tell your story

A writer must be able to tell his own story, no matter how embarrassing it is. Honesty and openness are two of the most important qualities of any author. Some aspiring writers don’t like to tell their stories because they’re afraid that they’ll get judged. In fact, even experienced authors are worried that they’ll get judged. It’s a natural feeling but it’s a feeling you must overcome if you truly want to succeed. One of the things that readers are looking for in a piece of writing is authenticity. Your readers will know if you are not being true to them. So stop worrying if people will judge and start worrying instead of being honest enough.

Learn how to deal with writers’ block

There are times when you’ll struggle to get anything out of your head. This happens to any writer. Even the best ones. It’s perfectly alright to experience writers’ block. What’s not okay is to get stuck. When you experience writers’ block do everything you can to get out of that state. Force yourself to write if you need to. What will come out from you will most likely be garbage but that’s alright. Let the garbage out. Eventually, when the block is released, you’ll be able to start writing decent materials again. Don’t let writers’ block be an excuse for you to not produce anything.

Act like a pro

If you want to be a professional author then you need to start acting like one. Try to learn the habits of some of your favorite authors and then develop these habits. For example, some authors try to write at least 2,000 words per day. Then you should try to do the same. If you’re trying to write a book, then set artificial deadlines on yourself and work as if a publisher is breathing behind your back. Have a dedicated place in your home for your writing. Most writers have one because they value their craft. Start acting like a pro and you’ll soon be one.

Do not fear failure

You will fail. That’s the truth. A publisher will reject you. An editor will berate you. Readers will call your work garbage. All of these will most likely happen. So the best thing to do is to fail as fast you can. Do not fear failure. The worst thing that could happen to any aspiring author is to become paralyzed because of fear of failure. This is why there are many writers who have not finished their books. Failure is a part of life. Everybody fails. Everybody falls. The important thing is to get up every time you fall.