Writing a five-year journal can help you discover more about yourself. The process is not one of judgment or criticism. Rather, it’s simply a way to discover your inner desires and how they are influencing your life now and moving forward. Each week you will create a reflection page in your journal for this period. It could be related to any area of your life-hobby, relationships, career, etc.

Reflecting on the good things in your life often helps us to recharge our batteries. This is because, by writing about such things as the good feelings you have (and you will have many and how grateful you are to have them, you shift your focus from what you think is missing or has been taken away from you to what you already possess and how grateful you are for it. You can also write about all of the memories you have throughout this time that have meant something to you. Memories are very precious and writing them down is important because then you are able to identify those moments when you were able to feel inspired and have had your greatest moment of success.

Writing about your memories also allows you to write about them in your journal. If you have too many to write about in detail, maybe just a few of them every month will do. Begin by writing a journal description about one memory per entry. Then, as you become aware of the wonderful memories you have and that life is enriched by them, you can add more memories to write about in your journal. You can also start creating lists of memories that happen to you and these will be very rewarding as well.

During the course of each week, write about feeling inspired and grateful to have received this experience or thing that brought you happiness. When you begin to notice the good things you are surrounded by, and you also start to notice the beauty of life, this starts to manifest in your daily life. In fact, it is at this point that you begin to realize how lucky you are and how grateful you are for everything you have. When you are writing about your gratitude, try to keep it positive and upbeat. It is important not to dwell on the bad things in life because they only bring negativity into your life.

Another benefit of writing about your gratitude is that you begin to gain clarity and comfort. When you feel at ease in any circumstance, this gives you increased confidence. You will find that when you are calm, everything goes much smoother and you can handle whatever comes your way with more confidence. Your five-year journals will enable you to look at the world and view it from a clear perspective.

Writing about your gratitude is not enough though. You must act upon it. To do so, you must follow the instructions of your chosen journal software to create a weekly or monthly journal. These journals are great because they take you step by step through your accomplishments and successes. You will be able to see the little things as they unfold in your life. This will enable you to look at them positively rather than expecting great things to happen all the time.

It is also helpful to write about the things that are most challenging for you. For instance, if you have a lot of money worries, you might want to focus on money issues throughout your week. If you have trouble with your relationships, perhaps you could focus on relationship problems throughout your week. Whatever you decide to write about in your journal, make sure it is positive and upbeat.

A five-year journal is not just something to write down your feelings. Make sure you share the insights, the knowledge and the successes that you have gained from each week. By doing this, you will inspire others and yourself. With encouragement and hope, you will find that you can live a richer, fuller life through the power of your five-year journal.

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