As a freelancer or a business executive, you will need to set a schedule each day so you can be productive all the time. It won’t be good when a day passes by without accomplishing a single thing. It would be better if you keep yourself busy each day of the week except for the weekend. Everyone deserves a little bit of rest once in a while. It is a must to know how to keep busy when you set your own schedule. The first thing to keep in mind would be to start it off real early. You would not want to start late because you would end up scheduling a lot fewer meetings than what you were planning. It would be awesome to start at 6 or 7 am so you can accomplish a lot of things. That could be the time when you would be headed to the office. Besides, there are a lot of early risers who would also want to get a lot of things accomplished in a short span of time. You know they would want each day to be productive too. Another thing to keep in mind would be to schedule lots of breaks in your schedule. The purpose of these breaks would be to energize so you can have time to get a cup of coffee or grab a bite to eat. Of course, it should not be that far so if you have a vending machine in the office then that would do. There will be a time when you get sick of the same old coffee brand though.

One thing to remember would be to avoid committing to all the appointment invitations set out to you. There is no reason for that to happen as it may just overpopulate your schedule. You must set a limit to the number of meetings you will have each day. Besides, that is the time when you would want to focus on each meeting. After each meeting, you would want to make a report so you will know what happened and what you can do in order to make it sound better to you. After that, you know you must do everything in your power to make that meeting a successful one. You must also learn from your mistakes so you won’t commit the same ones in the future. Besides, nobody is perfect and everyone is prone to mistakes even the ones who have been doing their jobs for quite a long time. In addition, better fill out all the blank time slots you have at least two weeks in advance. It would be hard to rely on something to happen out of the ordinary. You must call clients for a meeting or your staff may want to meet about something so that your day would be full of meetings. It would be better if all of them are not stressful ones but something was accomplished in all of them so that you would be happy.

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