Becoming a professional is not easy since there will be lots of obstacles that you will need to overcome with the purpose of achieving your dreams and desires and after some years, your objective will be finally completed, you have developed your skills and knowledge enough to be considered a professional among the society! However, your journey doesn’t end there since you have to search for a job and worry about other things that you may or may not have known before you wandered for this path, now 30 years passed since that date, what have you learned through that adventure filled with numerous success and failures? Let’s discover it in today’s article, and remember that everyone is different, let’s begin.


This current world is not an easy place to be living, there are a lot of things that adults and professionals have to worry about like money, income, health status, family, paying rent or college and so much other things that are driving other crazy than most people thanks to the am9ount of anxiety and stress that this acts produces, but after 30 years of professional experience somehow you learn to deal with these problems in your own way without relying on too many people, just in yourself, and that is what makes you a successful professional, the road of independence is difficult, but once you get adapted to it there is nothing more beautiful than being capable of dealing with your problems without worrying anyone else.


As you may already know, you don’t learn everything in High School or in College and even Universities tend to skip some things that could be or not useful for your future, but once you get to work under a professional environment you tend to learn from your successes and most from your failures, they will make you stronger than ever and that faulty or weak knowledge that is missing now will be obtained and developed to make sure that won’t fall again, for that reason senior professionals are very well respected and treated in most countries they are very knowledgeable in every field of their career for all the things and experiences that they have seen with their own eyes, for that reason, professions are like this, you are always learning new things every single day of your life.


Maybe you worked under an office in which there were lots of people that you didn’t even know about, however, it would be very awkward to just stay there and not greet anyone even if they are trying to be friendly with you, however, after 30 years, is a fact that everyone tends to learn how to manage their professional environment and also their social connections and manners are increased, they get to maker a lot of companions and friends thought their 30 years journey, some of them were very good friends and other were forgettable, however, the knowledge and learning is always there and you were a participant of those social interactions which is what matters at the end of the day.

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